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October 04, 2023

PHAI Projects: A lesson shared with the world

A world class environmental remediation project is well underway in the Municipality of Port Hope. Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) is undertaking the Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI) on behalf of the Government of Canada, represented by Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, in Port Hope and has already completed the project in Port Granby.  The community-requested environmental cleanup in Port Hope is safely removing historic waste from properties in the municipality and storing it in a studied engineered mound. This work continues to gain both national and international acclaim for its innovative approach.

International interest in the project has resulted in CNL hosting visitors who come to Port Hope to learn about the PHAI, and the state-of-the-art techniques being used for this one-of-a-kind project. Recently, CNL hosted delegates from all over the world on a tour as part of the Canadian Conference on Waste Management, Decommissioning and Environmental Restoration.  Participants included nuclear professionals and executives from the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe in addition to Canada.

“CNL is pleased to practice knowledge sharing about waste management with our colleagues in the nuclear sector, as we recognize that collaboration and sharing best practices helps everyone grow,” said Shernette Muccuth Henry, Manager Public Communications. “Through collaboration with our colleagues, the boundaries of what’s possible are pushed, and as knowledge is shared, perspectives are broadened, and solutions emerge that exceed the sum of individual contributions”, added Muccuth Henry.

A team from Ontario Power Generation is another recent visitor to the Port Hope Long-Term Waste Management Facility, interested in learning about the engineered storage system and how the mound operates.

CNL Port Hope also regularly connects with politicians, university students and community groups about the project.  Recently Philip Lawrence, the federal Minister of Parliament for Northumberland – Peterborough South met with the CNL team to hear firsthand an update about PHAI project sites, proposed changes to the PHAI Cleanup Criteria and how CNL engages with community residents to keep them informed.

Later this fall, CNL in partnership with the Port Hope & District Chamber of Commerce, will offer a bus tour for Chamber members and business owners who are interested in a project update. Contact the Chamber of Commerce if you would like to participate, spots are limited.

For more information about the Port Hope Area Initiative visit or call the Public Information Office at 905-885-0291.

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