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March 22, 2019

PHAI work ramps up in Port Hope this year

Port Hope residents can expect to see increased activity at a number of sites throughout the town this construction season, as PHAI work continues in 2019. This was CNL’S message at the quarterly PHAI update to Municipality of Port Hope Council on March 19.  The presentation, delivered by Director of Communications and Stakeholder Relations, Alex Mahabir, to the Committee of the Whole, was attended by the media and members of the community.

Highlighting CNL’s commitment to the environment as the work progresses, Mahabir indicated that every effort is being made to save trees of distinction in the town. “In cases where trees might require removal at a residential property, we will consult with the property owner and reach an agreement before we start the cleanup,” said Mahabir. “There may also be an opportunity to save trees through the application of the Special Circumstances Protocol,” she added.

While the presentation reinforced CNL’s commitment to mitigating the impacts to the community where possible, Mahabir’s main focus was on upcoming work in the community.  In particular, work at the Port Hope Harbour and at the West Beach site on the waterfront will be underway this spring into the fall.  “We will begin to rehabilitate the harbour walls this season before dredging the harbour in the fall,” said Mahabir. She also reminded the group that the work being performed now on the Centre Pier by Cameco, to demolish the buildings, will prepare the pier for use as a PHAI staging area for dewatering sediment during dredging.

Mahabir also stated that work continues on Port Hope residences. Properties with isolated waste in smaller quantities are being cleaned up through the use of hydro-excavation, with a total of 7 tonnes being delivered to long-term storage from residential sites.

Additional upcoming work includes the completion of the engineered mound baseliner cells at the Port Hope Long-Term Waste Management Facility, and investigative soil testing at the Highland Drive Landfill and at various sites with industrial waste to be cleaned up as part of the PHAI.

In closing, the Mayor thanked Mahabir for a good presentation. Residents are reminded to connect directly with CNL at their Toronto Road offices for the most current project information.

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