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Eligibility and Administrative Requirements

To be considered for PVP compensation, a property owner must first file a claim application that meets all PVP Program eligibility and administrative requirements, describe in the following sections.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The subject property must be located within or partially within the PVP Zone (see map below).
  • The subject property must be owned by the claimant at the time of sale, rental or mortgage renewal (as the case may be), and all owners must sign the claim form.
  • The sale, lease or mortgage renewal of the property must have occurred after the PVP Program was established in October 2001 and before the end date of the PVP Program.
  • The sale was an arm’s length transaction (as the term “arm’s length” is understood by Revenue Canada).

Administrative Requirements

  • The claim must be filed within 120 business days of the sale date or 40 business days after the period of loss of rental or mortgage renewal.
  • The property owner cannot have made a previous PVP claim for the same loss on the property (unless the claim was withdrawn before a claim decision was issued, or the previous sale did not close).
  • The claim form must specify under which route – Standard or Simplified – the property owner wishes to proceed.
  • The claim form must clearly specify both the “Project Event” (PHAI milestone) that is alleged to have caused the diminution or loss and the amount of the claim.
  • If the claim is filed under the Simplified Route, the subject property must be located in an area for which the Compensation Framework has a compensation range greater than zero per cent.
  • The property owner must submit documentation that meets the PVP Program’s applicable minimum evidentiary requirements.
  • Claims filed under the Standard Route must include clear and logical evidence establishing how the identified PHAI Project Event caused the claimed diminution.
  • A property (rental unit) that is the subject of a claim for rental income must be rented for the period that is being claimed.
  • A property that is the subject of a claim for mortgage renewal difficulties must be mortgaged for the period that is being claimed.