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Loss on Sale

The PVP Program provides two options for filing a claim for loss on sale.

Simplified Route

The Simplified Route is available to owners of properties in areas where the potential for PHAI recognized, project impacts, such as construction noise, have been identified. These areas are identified in Compensation Frameworks as having a potential impact of greater than zero per cent. This route offers a quick and cost-free option for filing a claim.

To file a claim under the Simplified Route, a claimant must establish a loss on sale by providing an appraisal that demonstrates the unaffected fair market value of the property or accepting an appraisal commissioned by the PVP Program.
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Standard Route

The Standard Route is available to all owners of properties in the designated PVP Zone. To establish that a loss on sale has occurred due to a PHAI-related impact, a claimant must provide evidence showing:
a) The unaffected fair market value of the property as of the day before the identified specific PHAI Project Event that caused the diminution
b) The change in value between the PHAI Project Event date and the sale date in the subject and baseline communities
c) That the diminution was caused by the PHAI Project and no other factors

The claimant’s evidence, when weighed against the PHAI evidence, must prove on a balance of probabilities that the PHAI caused the loss claimed.
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