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September 30, 2019

Port Granby waste excavation on track for fall completion

With more than 1,190,000 tonnes of waste removed from the Port Granby Legacy Waste Management Facility, the cleanup of the historic low-level radioactive waste from the shore of Lake Ontario is nearing completion. In his annual update to Municipality of Clarington council, CNL’s General Manager of the Historic Waste Program, Scott Parnell explained that the removal of the historic waste will be complete by the end of the fall.

Parnell told Council members that as excavation progresses, testing is undertaken to verify that all waste has been removed. Work crews then move on to restoring the site with clean fill and sod.

Remediation verification – Port Granby Legacy Waste Management Site – September 2019

Even before all the waste has been removed from the legacy site, the newly constructed storage mound 700 metres north is being prepared for capping and closing with liner materials being installed on a portion of the storage mound.

Parnell also spoke to the successful remediation in August of a portion of Lakeshore Road between the legacy site and the long-term waste management facility, and provided details around the recent amendment of CNL’s CNSC Waste Nuclear Substance Licence to reflect current release limits of treated water at the Port Granby Project Waste Water Treatment Plant. The amended licence now confirms that current processes are removing a broader list of nuclear/hazardous substances than originally anticipated, enhancing protection of the Great Lakes Basin ecosystem.

The update concluded with a look ahead at the remaining project schedule, showing remediation, verification and backfilling of the legacy site to be completed by the end of November, realignment of Lakeshore Road and removal of the underpass in spring 2020, and final grading, capping and closing of the mound by the end of 2021.

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