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February 13, 2020

Port Hope property cleanup process explained

The planned removal of historic waste in the Port Hope community involves up to 4,800 property owners, at different phases of the project.  Such a complex project with many steps can make it necessary to provide clarification and ongoing information.

Work on properties spans numerous steps from testing to cleanup. To begin, there is a survey process which involves a suite of tests conducted over a two year period and which may involve multiple visits to a property to get more information. If deemed necessary, the property may enter the design phase – with several meetings and discussions before the actual cleanup begins. This process is necessary to maintain the scientific integrity of the information gathered, analyzed and eventually reported.

It is in an effort to make this process easier to understand that Small Scale Sites: From Consent to Compliance flow diagram was developed.  This graphic provides a sequential list of activities to assist property owners visualize the steps in the testing and cleanup process.

This document is also very helpful for stakeholders interested in learning more about the project; it is of particular interest to realtors. Indeed, this flow diagram was developed in collaboration with the Northumberland Hills Association of Realtors. Local realtors are encouraged to use this tool to familiarize new property owners with the multi-step process of the PHAI cleanup.


Click here for an interactive graphic to access individuals steps.

Learn more about about the testing, cleanup and restoration of residential properties.

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