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February 20, 2018

Prepared for emergencies during PHAI

CNL is committed to providing the safest environment for the public and our employees during all PHAI activities. While the primary focus is on prevention, working with first responders to develop and practice well-defined emergency response plans for the PHAI enables all parties to mobilize quickly and effectively should an emergency occur.

Emergency preparedness includes coordinating and communicating plans and activities clearly established between CNL, the municipalities, the province, and the federal government. Drills and exercises to test plans, practice and improve processes take place every year.

Information sessions with emergency services personnel in the Clarington and Port Hope areas are the first step in a comprehensive approach to emergency preparedness that includes tabletop exercises and simulated, on-site emergency drills with contractors and first responders.

All CNL contractors preforming PHAI work are required to have an emergency and spill response plan before waste movement begins. This plan covers transportation, fire and medical emergencies and are accepted by CNL as part of pre-work activities.

See more about Emergency Preparedness here.

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