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Alexander Street Ravine

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  • Approximately 4,100 m3 historic low-level radioactive waste (LLRW) deposited into steep ravine by Eldorado
  • Majority of LLRW located on east slope of site and also on west slope of ravine, possibly as result of dust from dumping on east slope
  • Historical stack deposition may also have contributed to elevated levels of contamination
  • Wooded ravine with steep forested slopes
  • Bounded to south by CP rail embankment, to north by forested lands, west by a golf course, east by residential properties
Remediation/Restoration Plans
  • Secure site through fencing and gates as appropriate
  • Remove LLRW in a series of lifts to ensure safety and stability of slopes
  • Relocate Alexander Creek and build coffer dam
  • Excavate LLRW under creek bed and along lower portions of east bank
  • Transport the waste by truck along the South Transportation Route to the Long-Term Waste Management Facility
  • Once remediation is complete, return creek bed to original location, remove temporary road, re-contour remediated east ravine slope to variable gradient, replace trees, seed and mulch surface, remove gate and fencing
Special Considerations
  • Classified as a terrestrial habitat complex, important wildlife corridor