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Highland Drive South Ravine

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  • Approximately 5,400 m3 of soil contaminated with historic low-level radioactive waste in pond sediment and the north slope of the ravine
  • Resulted from contaminated groundwater (leachate) running downhill from the Highland Drive Landfill site, under Highland Drive, to the ravine and ponds
Remediation/Restoration Plans
  • Dredge the ponds
  • Install Permeable Reactive Barriers (PRBs), i.e. trenches filled with iron filings that bind with and trap contaminants as leachate passes through, to intercept contaminated groundwater before it reaches the ponds
  • Monitor groundwater upstream and downstream of the PRBs, replacing as necessary until the groundwater is clean
  • Transport waste by truck along the North Transportation Route to the long-term waste management facility
  • Restore ponds and restore/landscape ravine slopes
Special Considerations
  • Clearing of the site outside of fish spawning time (early September to mid-June) for areas around Highland Drive Creek and outside of nesting times for treed areas (March to July)
  • In addition to removing contaminated soil and sediment in Highland Drive South Ravine, long-term management of ongoing groundwater seepage and precipitation of contaminants is required