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Pine Street North Extension Temporary Storage Site

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  • 6,800 m3 historic LLRW generated from on-going clean-up activities
  • Pad 1 constructed as part of the 1988 Port Hope Remedial Program to temporarily store LLRW
  • Pad 2 constructed in 2003 when TSS Pad 1 was nearing capacity
  • Since all waste material has been placed on an engineered pad or within the Quonset building and has not been in contact with the underlying native soil, the soil conditions at this site are not considered as part of the site remediation.
  • The material stored on both TSS Pads consists of mixed soils including contaminated soils, building debris, tree stumps and other construction wastes
Remediation/Restoration Plans
  • Fencing installed to secure site
  • Waste will be transported by truck to the LTWMF along North Transportation Route
  • The restoration will reinstate the site to conditions existing prior to construction with affected area surfaced with topsoil to support re-vegetation