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Waterworks – West

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  • Approximately 20,687 m3 of historic low-level radioactive waste (LLRW) deposited by Eldorado along the waterfront
Site Details
  • The remediated water treatment plant area effectively divides the site into two LLRW-contaminated parcels.
  • West Parcel contains west parking lot, a playground and west beach areas. A culvert conveys Alexander Creek flow under the railway lines into the continuation of the creek located west of the parking lot area
  • In 2003 the Construction Monitoring Program removed approx. 17,000 m3 of contaminated soil during the construction of the Port Hope Water Treatment Plant – this material is temporarily stored on the Centre Pier
Remediation/Restoration Plans
  • Remediation of the west beach area to remove isolated pockets of LLRW
  • The waste will travel along the South Transportation Route to the Long-Term Waste Management Facility
  • Once confirmed that all contaminated material has been removed, backfill will be placed and portions of the west beach will be restored with topsoil and indigenous vegetation
Special Considerations
  • Environmental Assessment studies of the West Parcel identified three features of ecological importance requiring protection and rehabilitation
  • South face of railway embankment including the area around the culvert has been classified as a fen of high ecological importance that will require protection and rehabilitation following remediation activities
  • A portion of Alexander Creek extending south of the railway embankment to Lake Ontario was identified as fish habitat
  • West beach area includes an area of Sea Rocket Grass (Cakile edentula)