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July 05, 2018

Removal of waste temporarily stored at the Centre Pier underway

The previously excavated historic waste stored under tarps at the Centre Pier is the first to be transported from within the community of Port Hope to long-term storage. This planned work was highlighted for council and the community at the June 5 PHAI update to the Port Hope Council Committee of the Whole.

To demonstrate CNL’s readiness to move waste, a video of a test run showing how PHAI trucks safely transport clean fill from Port Hope’s Centre Pier, through the community, to the facility was shared with council and the public.

CNL’s General Manager of Historic Waste Program, Scott Parnell stated that CNL had been testing the operation to ensure they are full equipped to safely manage the waste once it arrives at the facility.

The presentation also highlighted existing work in Port Hope, such as the testing of road allowances, and provided a summary of upcoming work this summer/fall.

Parnell shared an update on CNL’s ongoing efforts to ensure emergency preparedness while PHAI work is underway, including training for local first responders. A status update on the Port Hope Property Radiological Survey – testing of individual residences – and details about the upcoming remediation of properties in the community was also provided.

There was an update on future work at 95 Mill Street South, which is following a strict schedule based on the discovery of species-at-risk on site. This will result in the building being demolished in the fall. During the update, Mayor and Councillors encouraged CNL to install fencing at the site. The fencing was installed on June 13.

These quarterly presentations are one of the many ways CNL fulfills its commitment to provide timely updates to the community about the Port Hope Project.

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