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March 12, 2018

Safety measures at work

Safety of our workers is very important as we carry out construction and remediation activities of the PHAI. As we expand the collection ponds at the Port Hope Long-Term Waste Management Facility, there was work to be performed on a narrow berm separating the two ponds. The work in this difficult terrain to reinforce the berm required enhanced safety measures.

As a precaution, the workers were equipped with flotation devices in addition to the usual personal protective equipment and clothing such as hard hats, safety vests, and gloves. This extra step was taken to ensure workers were protected in case they entered the pond. Additionally, spotters were on site to walk alongside the excavator as observers.

“The work was performed without incident and is a good example of the importance placed on the safe performance of work activities,” said Craig Macklem, CNL’s Industrial Safety Specialist. “We will take any extra step we need to in order to perform work safely.”

The ponds north of the waste water treatment plant are being expanded to manage surface water runoff and leachate from the cells of the engineered aboveground mound. The expansion will increase the storage capacity of water on site before it is treated by the Waste Water Treatment Plant and is expected to be completed in the spring.

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