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December 03, 2019

Safety on the roads during PHAI work

With the transition from fall to winter resulting in fewer daylight hours and an increase in challenging driving conditions, we are reminded that staying safe on the roads requires effort and awareness.

Safety is a core value for Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) while carrying out the Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI), and that includes the transportation of waste on public roads. As agreed during the comprehensive Environmental Assessment process, all PHAI trucks use designated transportation routes when traveling to and from the long-term waste management facility in Port Hope. CNL’s contractors follow a controlled loading and unloading process to keep the waste safely contained during the trip and to control dust. The trucks are securely tarped and scanned for radiation to ensure they meet regulatory requirements before leaving both the work site and the waste management facility. Each truck is clearly marked with the PHAI logo and contact information should members of the public have questions or concerns.

With sections of the designated transportation routes being in close proximity to local schools and school bus stops, CNL has measures in place to keep the focus on the safety of students and their families while minimizing disruption to the community.

To maintain a safe buffer between the trucks and school buses, PHAI truck traffic is stopped 15 minutes prior to school bus pick-up/drop-off times on project transportation routes with school bus stops in residential neighbourhoods undergoing remediation. Trucks then resume their route after the buses leave the pick-up/drop-off zone.

As the project progresses, these measures will be implemented on Toronto Road at St. Anthony Catholic Elementary and Ganaraska Trail Public schools, along Strachan Street during the remediation of the Strachan Street Ravine and Lion’s Recreation Centre Park, and on Cavan Street and Molson Street during the remediation of the Highland Drive area sites.

Waste transportation proceeds uninterrupted on the municipally designated truck route leading from the waterfront area: Peter Street → Hamilton Road → Croft Street → Rose Glen Road → Highway 401 →Toronto Road → PHAI Access Road.

As part of their general safety awareness, PHAI truck drivers are mindful of areas where there are few sidewalks and narrow streets. As we continue to share the roads, CNL is focused on the safe work practices that inform everything we do and remains committed to continue working with the community toward the successful completion of the PHAI.

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