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August 08, 2023


As part of Port Hope Area Initiative activities, our contractor is performing fieldwork to remove low-level radioactive waste from the Waterworks West. Ongoing work includes:

  • Excavation of soil and backfilling
  • Installation of construction tubing for the diversion and protection of the Alexander Street Ravine Creek.
  • Increased truck traffic on PHAI transportation routes, construction traffic and deliveries.
  • Ongoing site maintenance and activities

During the PHAI, there will be no public access to the areas at the West Beach indicated on the map. Fencing and signs indicate where access is restricted. Access to the beach and waterfront is reduced and parking in the area is severely limited. Please obey all posted signage.

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories is committed to the safety of the public, its workers and the environment while undertaking this community-requested solution to a longstanding environmental issue.