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December 20, 2022

Wrapping up 2022

It’s the festive season and most of us are focused on preparing for the holidays and getting ready for a New Year! As we plan for the possibilities and challenges that may bring, we pause to look back at some of the accomplishments of our team this past year.

In 2022 CNL met a number of project milestones, including completing the cleanup and restoration of the Pine Street North Extension Consolidation Site in the Highland Drive area and the Strachan St. Ravine; the transportation of hundreds of truckloads of historic low-level radioactive waste to safe long-term storage; and the release of the 95 Mill Street South site to the Municipality of Port Hope for future use. In addition, CNL participated in a hearing for the renewal of a licence for the Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI) and successfully restored a number of residential properties in Port Hope as well as completed the Port Granby Project.

Throughout our work, safety continues to be the main priority and we look forward to continuing to meet the requirements of the PHAI as quickly, compliantly and as safely as we can.

In 2023 work on the Port Hope Project will continue with testing for the remaining private properties and road allowances. We will continue to cleanup and restore the Port Hope Harbour, the Highland Drive area, Waterworks West at the West Beach, the industrial sites – Lions Park and Chemetron Lagoon as well as privately owned properties.

We remind you that PHAI work is complex and can take extra time to complete to meet our requirements. If your Port Hope property requires a cleanup, you will receive information this month to let you know your property is included in the package starting the following spring/summer. If you do not hear from CNL in December, you can make plans knowing the cleanup of your property will not take place in the next construction season.

For all our existing and planned projects, CNL environmental monitoring and stewardship continue to ensure safety of our workers, people and the environment for generations to come.

As we move to family gatherings or doing the things we love, note that holiday travel and social activities create many opportunities to connect, rest and recuperate. These trips and gatherings also increase our chances for unanticipated accidents and mishaps. To ensure everyone has a happy holiday and a bright new year, please look for safety habits that can be easily incorporated into your celebrations.

On behalf of the staff at CNL, I wish you, your family and loved ones a safe and healthy holiday season.

Mark Hughey

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