Features & Updates

PHAI work ramps up in Port Hope this year


Port Hope residents can expect to see increased activity at a number of sites throughout the town this construction season, as PHAI work continues in 2019.

Notice of Upcoming Work - West Beach drilling


As part of the Port Hope Area Initiative, a contractor will be performing drilling for an environmental investigation at the West Beach on Thursday, March 21.

2018 Public Attitude Survey Results


PHAI Public Attitude Surveys reveal overall satisfaction with living in Port Hope and increased confidence in Port Granby Project safety.

Radiological results for Port Hope road allowances now available


The results for the radiological survey of road allowances and other municipally owned properties are available on request from CNL for properties where we have received final reports.

Notice of Upcoming Work - Sewage Treatment Plant Storage Cell


As part of the Port Hope Area Initiative, Amec Foster Wheeler will be transporting dried municipal sewage sludge (industrial waste) from a storage cell near the municipal sewage treatment plant to the project’s Long-Term Waste Management Facility.