Features & Updates

Engagement with stakeholders


The PHAI remains focused on performing a large-scale environmental cleanup in the towns of Port Hope and Port Granby while minimizing impacts on the local community. Residents and business owners are key stakeholders in the project and are kept informed about upcoming work and how these activities impact their daily lives.

Prepared for emergencies during PHAI


CNL is committed to providing the safest environment for the public and our employees during all PHAI activities.

Notice of upcoming works


As part of the Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI), Golder Associates will be conducting fieldwork at the Lions Recreation Centre (29 Thomas Street, Port Hope) beginning February 26.

Community outreach impacts Port Hope Area Initiative


The primary goal of the Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI) is to safely deliver the solution to a long-standing environmental issue while minimizing impacts on the local communities being served. To achieve this, it is critical for CNL to stay connected with the people living in the host communities where the projects are being completed.

Kitchen-Table Talks begin in Port Hope


It’s a sensitive topic – the removal of historic waste from hundreds of backyards, front yards, basements and streetscapes. That’s why CNL staff are using an up-close-and-personal approach as they design the PHAI cleanup of private properties.