Features & Updates

Fleming College students learn more about the PHAI


As part of a comprehensive Public Information Program, the PHAI has participated in a number of events with Fleming College this year beginning at the Fleming Career Fair in February.



As part of the Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI), a contractor for the project, ECC/Quantum Murray will be paving sections of Baulch Road at the main entrance of Access Road on Friday, April 20, 2018.

PHAI cleanup in Port Hope community begins


The Port Hope Area Initiative cleanup of historic low-level radioactive waste in the Municipality of Port Hope is about to begin with the first truckloads of waste scheduled to be removed from the community and placed in long-term storage.

Nucleargrads visit Port Hope Project sites


As the largest environmental remediation project in Canada, the Port Hope Area Initiative draws interest from around the world.

PHAI work in the Port Hope community set to begin in spring 2018


An update about the upcoming PHAI activities starting this spring – including the removal of historic waste from temporary storage sites, the start of the cleanup in the waterfront area, and the start of the remediation of residential properties – was presented to the Municipality of Port Hope Council at the March 6 Committee of the Whole meeting.