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Application to amend the PHAI Cleanup Criteria

CNL is currently working through a rigorous review process with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission and other regulators to amend the PHAI Cleanup Criteria.

Fact Sheets

PHAI Cleanup Criteria Fact Sheet

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories is proposing a change to the PHAI Cleanup Criteria for arsenic

PHAI Cleanup Criteria Fact Sheet


Amending the PHAI Cleanup Criteria will help to:

Reduce the number of properties requiring cleanup

Reduce the time spent and impact on properties requiring remediation

Avoid further delays and reduce overall cost

Avoid extensive impact
on the natural environment

Community concern is strong. 

In the first three years of residential cleanups, the Port Hope community expressed strong frustration with the timelines and extent of the cleanups in their neighborhoods. There is also growing concern that the PHAI will result in significant undesirable changes to the urban tree canopy, the preservation of which is important to many people.

Unrestricted land use remains the goal. 

The proposed new level will meet the intent of the Legal Agreement, allowing all properties to be used for “all current and foreseeable unrestricted uses.”

Collaboration continues. 

CNL will continue to work closely with the Municipality of Port Hope to ensure Council and staff are kept informed. Feedback from regulators including Health Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation & Parks is being incorporated as CNL follows the CNSC application and review process.

Application Status

Participate in the Process

Since the original application was submitted in 2020, CNL continues to implement an extensive awareness and engagement campaign to inform and solicit feedback from Indigenous communities and organizations, stakeholders and the public.

If and when the CNSC agrees to schedule a public hearing to review the CNL application, all details will be shared on how to participate in the licensing process.

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories is hosting public discussions on the application to change the Port Hope Area Initiative Cleanup Criteria.


To participate please contact us at 905-885-0291 or [email protected].

Stay Up to Date

Check back here often for more information and details as the process moves forward or contact us to speak with one of our experts.