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June 24, 2024

PHAI Cleanup Criteria: technical report review underway

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) continues to work with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) and other regulators to advance our proposal to change the PHAI Cleanup Criteria for arsenic.

In 2023, two revisions of the Technical Report and associated risk assessment were submitted to the federal-provincial review team, the latest in December 2023. Feedback was received from the team in January and March 2024, and CNL continues to provide clarification and additional information related to this feedback.

We expect that once the review is complete, CNL will request a Commission Hearing, and at that time the public would hear more about opportunities for feedback as part of the CNSC application process.

CNL remains focused on the proposed change to the PHAI Cleanup Criteria for arsenic and considers it a priority project, with senior leadership engaged and actively working to progress the project. A risk-based approach is being used by CNL to identify a level of arsenic that is protective of human health and the environment. As environmental stewards, CNL believes this change will benefit both the environment and the residents of Port Hope.

We have received information as part of our engagement with residents, various stakeholders through discussion groups, and Indigenous communities and organizations on the Cleanup Criteria and the proposed change to the arsenic criterion.  This feedback will be submitted as part of the application process to CNSC.

There are opportunities to preserve areas of your property, should property owners wish to pursue options under the Special Circumstances Protocol. More information can be provided by contacting us at 905.885.0291 or visiting

Our website information is up to date ( and will change as soon as we have new information on the proposed change to the PHAI Cleanup Criteria.

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