Port Hope Project Waste Water Treatment Plant

2016 May_PHP_WWTP exteriorUsing best available technology, the waste water treatment plant will treat surface water and groundwater at the long-term waste management facility during construction and contaminated water (leachate) from within the engineered aboveground mound after it is capped and closed. The treated water will be discharged to Lake Ontario via a pipeline and will meet the requirements as specified by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) licence for the Port Hope Project.

The plant will use a two-stage process to remove a wide range of contaminants. Chemical precipitation and clarification (Stage 1) are followed by ROCHEM reverse osmosis technology (Stage 2). The ROCHEM technology was selected for the plant as the most effective way to treat the waste water that will be generated at the Port Hope long-term waste management facility. This treatment process will ensure the quality of water being discharged to Lake Ontario meets or exceeds stringent CNSC requirements, resulting in enhanced protection of the Great Lakes Basin ecosystem.

Construction of the plant was completed in 2016.

Click here for details on the Waste Water Treatment Process.

Photos of construction of waste water treatment plant

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January 31, 2017