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June 13, 2023

CNL continues work on residential sites and Port Hope road allowances

CNL’s contractors are conducting pre-design inventories throughout various neighbourhoods at residential properties and municipal road allowances where historic low-level radioactive waste has been identified.

Within the municipal road allowances, you will see contractors conducting:

  • utility locate marking
  • legal and topographical surveys

Some of this work will come in close proximity to private property lines.

Private property work will include multiple visits to conduct:

  • topographical and property line surveys
  • property boundary survey
  • Species at Risk survey
  • an assessment by an arborist
  • Designated Substance Survey
  • utility locate marking.

No road closures are expected; however, there may be temporary lane closures in an area. This work is expected to begin in early summer and continue throughout the season.

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories is committed to the safety of the public, its workers and the environment while undertaking this community-requested solution to a longstanding environmental issue.

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