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September 12, 2018

Emergency preparedness exercise conducted at Port Hope Project LTWMF

As part of the ongoing effort to strengthen emergency preparedness at Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI) construction and remediation sites, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) conducted an emergency response exercise at the Port Hope Long-Term Waste Management Facility on September 8, 2018.

The exercise – which involved a simulated response to an injury/medical emergency on the site – provided CNL and its contractor with an opportunity to put the emergency response plan for the project into action. First Responders, including Port Hope Fire and Northumberland EMS, accessed the site and performed a simulated rescue scenario. Staff of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission were also on the site to observe the drill. Following the exercise, CNL attended a debriefing session with emergency services personnel to discuss what worked well and any lessons to be learned.

The safety of workers and the public, and the protection of the environment is CNL’s top priority. First responder organizations will continue to be engaged, and emergency response exercises preformed regularly while PHAI project activities are underway.

For more information about CNL’s emergency preparedness click here.

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