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Features & Updates

Beneath the waves


After a full year of preparation, dredging of the Port Hope Harbour is on track to begin this fall.

Treating waste water at Port Granby


With almost 1.2 million tonnes of historic waste excavated and stored safely and for the long-term at the Port Granby Long-Term Waste Management Facility, the mound is currently being capped and closed.

Long-term storage of historic waste well underway


The mound at the Port Hope Long-Term Waste Management Facility is taking shape. With three of four cells now accepting waste, the facility has already received almost 950,000 tonnes of low-level radioactive waste taken from various sites in Port Hope.

Safety Enhancements and Notice of Work - Intersection of Baulch and Access Roads


As part of the Port Hope Area Initiative, contractors will be performing work to enhance worker and pedestrian safety at the entrance of the Long-Term Waste Management Facility in Port Hope.

NOTICE OF WORK - Lake Street road work


As part of the PHAI’s Road Monitoring program, our contractor will be performing the following activities on Lake Street: