3-D models tell the story

Table-top models of the Port Hope Project and Port Granby Project long-term waste management facilities and surrounding lands are helping the public visualize what the engineered aboveground mounds will look like when the projects are complete and how they will fit into the local landscape.

The models are built to a 1:1500 scale (1 cm = 15 metres). An architectural model company used the projects' engineering drawings to create three-dimensional (3-D) computer contours of the mounds and local area. The contours were “hand-dressed” to create accurate site details such as roadways, landscaping features, buildings and the aboveground mounds. Additionally, a take-apart model was built to profile the layers that compose the mounds’ cover and base liner systems to illustrate how the waste will be safely encapsulated.

The models can be transported to off-site events and can be viewed at the
PHAI Management Office’s Project Information Exchange at 115 Toronto Road,
Port Hope.

Port Hope Model                                     Port Granby Model


June 17, 2014