Construction Industry Shows Strong Interest in Port Hope Project Remediation Work

A strong contingent of approximately 80 attendees, representing 35 companies in the North American remediation and construction industry, participated in an information session about the cleanup and restoration of waste sites through the Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI). The session, held late March in Port Hope, followed the posting of a Request for Expression of Interest (RFEOI) for the remediation of historic low-level radioactive waste at 13 major sites and approximately 600 residential sites, as well as specified industrial waste at five sites, within the Municipality of Port Hope.

The RFEOI notified the industry about the procurement opportunities related to the upcoming work and is the initial step in the process to identify prospective suppliers of construction and remediation services for the project. Additionally, this RFEOI is seeking input from industry on the procurement process itself including timing.

“The goal of this process is to explore the opportunity of establishing a Master Service Agreement under which individual work packages may be awarded over the next five years to a panel of qualified remediation contractors that meet CNL’s requirements,” said Micheline Lebrun, Senior Contracts Officer, Historic Waste Program Management Office.

This unique way of opening a dialogue with potential suppliers is exciting for the CNL Contracting Services team. “It is a way of engaging our suppliers in supporting decisions made about their involvement,” said Micheline. “The industry feedback will help to determine the procurement approach for the remaining work to be completed under the project.”

Based on the responses due April 6 from the contractors, CNL will determine if this procurement process best suits the need of the PHAI.

PHP_Remediation_RFEOI 20170329_001Suppliers from across North America participated in an information session as part of the RFEOI process for the Port Hope Project.

April 6, 2017