GM delivers quarterly update on Port Hope Project

Craig_MPH_2017_06The design of clean-up and restoration plans for residential properties requiring remediation was the focus of a recent update on the Port Hope Project given to Municipality of Port Hope Council.

The update was delivered by Craig Hebert, Historic Waste Program Management Office GM, at the June 6 meeting of the Committee of the Whole, with members of the media and public in attendance. Hebert presented a sample remediation design plan to illustrate how plans will be developed in consultation with owners of properties that have historic low-level radioactive waste.

With the cleanup in Port Hope scheduled to begin next year, Hebert reminded the audience that the window of opportunity for property owners to participate in the Property Radiological Survey is beginning to close. The survey is the first step in the process through which property owners will ultimately receive Compliance Letters stating their property meets Port Hope Area Initiative Clean-up Criteria.

Hebert indicated that preparatory activities related to the upcoming movement of waste in the community continues, including road upgrades to sections of the project’s designated transportation routes and safety enhancements in the Highland Drive Landfill area where public access will be restricted as of August 1 to prepare the area for construction work.

The video of the meeting may be viewed here.

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June 19, 2017