Master Services Agreement for Remediation of Port Hope finalized

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) has finalized a Master Services Agreement with six companies for the cleanup of historic low-level radioactive waste at various sites in the Municipality of Port Hope. Under this framework agreement, prequalified contractors are eligible to compete for the award of specific contracts to complete remediation and restoration work being undertaken as part of the Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI).

The selected contractors – AMEC Foster Wheeler, ECC/Quantum Murray, Arcadis, North Wind Portage, Milestone Environmental, and Perma-Fix – will be invited to bid on specific remediation work packages, valued at an approximate combined total of $375 million, for sites including those in the waterfront and Highland Drive areas and up to 800 residential properties. The selected companies all have extensive experience in environmental remediation work in North America that includes a commitment to a strong safety culture and the project management expertise to ensure seamless coordination among the various contractors.

“This complex project requires the services of qualified, skilled and experienced environmental remediation contractors to meet its diverse needs and deliver the work on time and on budget,” said Craig Hebert, General Manager of CNL’S Historic Waste Program Management Office, which oversees the PHAI. “Having already completed a rigorous assessment of each contractor’s related experience, technical expertise, quality management programs, and safety and compliance track records, we can now confidently award the contracts for work packages in a condensed timeframe.”

All contractors and sub-contractors working on the PHAI must adhere to stringent health and safety plans required by CNL under the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission licence for the Port Hope Project. Contractor requirements for the protection of the public, workers and the environment include dust monitoring and management, occupational health and safety, radiation protection and traffic safety.

Once excavated, the historic low-level radioactive waste will be safely transported along designated project transportation routes to the highly engineered aboveground mound at the project’s Long-Term Waste Management Facility located south of the 401 and west of Baulch Road in Port Hope.

“With the completion of Cell 1 of the mound this fall and the prime contractors now in place, the cleanup remains on track to begin in 2018,” added Hebert.

December 18, 2017