Port Granby Project - Clean construction material deliveries get underway along designated project route

Port-Granby-Project-trans-routesThe contractor for the Port Granby Project will begin to deliver clean construction material and aggregate to the Port Granby long-term waste management facility (LTWMF) in December. The materials will be stockpiled at the site, which is south of Concession Road 1 and east of Elliott Road in Clarington. The trucks will travel along the project’s clean construction material transportation route to the site – see map at right.

The deliveries will occur between December and March, starting with relatively lower volumes of traffic and increasing after January 1. In general, heavy construction vehicle use of the transportation route will occur on weekdays during dayligPG-Jan-8-2ht hours, excluding statutory holidays. All personnel providing ongoing delivery services to the project will receive traffic safety training.

The Port Hope Area Initiative Management Office, the contractor and PH-Jan-08-1an independent dust monitoring consultant will conduct ongoing dust monitoring during the stockpiling of clean construction material at the LTWMF.

Upcoming construction activities

Roadway construction and fence installation will start in spring. This will be followed by construction of an internal waste haul route and underpass at Lakeshore Road that will permit transportation of contaminated soil to be trucked from the existing site to the LTWMF without using public roads. In summer 2016, the engineered aboveground mound base liner system will be built, permitting the start of waste excavation and placement in the mound in fall 2016. Major construction activities are expected to be completed by the end of 2020.