Proponents meeting attracts strong interest in Port Hope Project

The first snowstorm of the season didn’t deter a strong contingent of contractors from attending the Port Hope Project’s Early Works 1 (EW1) proponents meeting on January 12. The morning-long meeting included a briefing on the project specifications and regulatory compliance, and a tour of the long-term waste management facility site where the work will take place.

EW1 involves construction of the first cell of the Port Hope engineered aboveground mound, including installation of a multi-component base liner system that will isolate the waste from the environment.

Following the completion of the EW3 site preparation contract currently underway, the award of this contract – anticipated in summer 2016 – will be another milestone for the PHAI, as it will mark the start of actual construction of the long-term waste management facility. Once Cell 1 is built and ready to receive waste, the Port Hope Area Initiative will begin the cleanup of historic low-level radioactive waste sites around Port Hope.

PHAI MO Senior Contract Representative Micheline Lebrun said she was pleased with the turnout for the proponents meeting. “The construction industry has shown a high level of interest in the PHAI’s large and unique projects,” she said.


Contractor representatives and PHAI staff walk the site where the engineered aboveground mound will be constructed at the Port Hope Project’s long-term waste management facility