Public Attitude Surveys Wrapping Up

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Port Hope Area Initiative public attitude surveys.

The Port Granby Project survey concluded on Nov. 17, while the Port Hope Project survey is underway through to the end of November.

The Port Hope survey is being conducted by random telephone poll, targeting 500 completed responses from Port Hope residents. Survey collection methods are designed to ensure a representative sample of the population. Participant screening is undertaken based on Statistics Canada census data and includes municipal ward, age and gender distribution targets. Because calling is random, as the survey progresses some residents will receive calls but may not be required to complete the questionnaire if a particular demographic category has already been filled. The targets used are an industry standard for surveys of this type as they help to ensure the data reflects the opinions of the broader community.  

Both surveys were conducted by CCI Research, an independent Canadian research firm. All survey responses are confidential; the Port Hope Area Initiative Management Office will not have access to individual survey responses.