Updates to Municipal Councils

Meeting our commitments to ensure that the Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI) projects are delivered safely remains our Number 1 priority, PHAI General Manager Craig Hebert told the municipal councils of Port Hope and Clarington, as he delivered his annual project update to each municipality recently.

“Phase 2 momentum is building, and our strong team is positioned to deliver these projects,” he said. “We remain committed to completing the projects safely while working collaboratively with the municipalities as our partners.”

PHAI_MPH_presentation_2015_04_21In his presentation to Municipality of Port Hope’s Council April 21, Hebert said the Port Hope Project waste water treatment plant built at the site of the long-term waste management facility will be operational later this year. Additional construction at the site, anticipated to begin in the fall, includes preparatory work for Cell 1 of the engineered aboveground mound. Also scheduled for the fall are field investigations for the next 850 properties involved in the Property Radiological Survey and surface testing of road allowances in the urban area.

CH-MC-update-2014-March-31-Hebert appeared before the Municipality of Clarington’s General Purpose and Administration Committee on May 25 and said that the contract for the construction of the Port Granby Project long-term waste management facility and existing site remediation will be awarded this summer, with construction of an internal roadway and the Lakeshore Road underpass expected to begin in the fall. Construction of the engineered aboveground mound and remediation of the historic low-level radioactive waste is scheduled to start in 2016.

Hebert emphasized the PHAI projects will create regional economic opportunities as well as new jobs for many qualified professionals in a variety of fields including engineering, environmental science and contract administration.