Current Work - Temporary Storage Sites

PHAI TSS noticeAs part of the Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI), Amec Foster Wheeler will be transporting historic low-level radioactive waste from three locations within the Municipality of Port Hope to the project’s Long-Term Waste Management Facility.
This project activity will begin in April at Centre Pier and is expected to take several months. It involves the transportation of contaminated soil from sites located at:

  • Centre Pier
  • Pine Street North Extension (Highland Drive Landfill area)
  • Municipal sewage treatment plant

There are no planned road closures.

PHAI trucks carrying waste will be tightly covered and closely monitored. The trucks will also follow designated project routes to minimize impacts on the community.

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories is committed to the safety of the public, its workers and the environment while undertaking this community-recommended solution to a longstanding environmental issue.

April 16, 2018