95 Mill Street South


Site Details

  • 12,000 m3 LLRW contaminated fill used to reclaim marshlands
  • A partial cleanup program was conducted in the 1980s at the south end of the site during which contaminated material was removed to a depth of approximately 1 m

Remediation/Restoration Plans

  • Fencing will be erected around the entire site
  • Catch basins along Mill Street South in the vicinity of the site will be protected with a geotextile filter fabric liner
  • When all contaminated material above the groundwater table has been removed, the saturated contaminated soils will be excavated and processed through a dewatering sump
  • The stormwater collection area will also remain operational during this period to collect and manage stormwater runoff within the controlled area
  • Backfill will be placed as the excavation progresses and final grades will be attained by reshaping existing soils and backfill materials
  • Surface will be completed with topsoil, seed and mulch
  • All fences and ancillary features associated with the site remediation will be removed
  • As per direction from the Municipality of Port Hope the land will be restored to green space
March 29, 2018