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Highland Drive Landfill

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  • The Highland Drive Landfill houses 51,900 m3 of LLRW co-mingled or overlain by municipal solid waste (MSW)
  • Operated as a municipal landfill accepting waste from the mid to late 1940s until closed in 1991
  • The site also received LLRW that became co-mingled with MSW
  • Closed facility remains under the ownership and management of the County of Northumberland
Remediation/Restoration Plans
  • The excavation of the non-contaminated MSW
  • When the non-contaminated MSW has been removed, excavation of the LLRW situated above the groundwater table will begin
  • Clean cover material above the HDPE geomembrane will be removed and stockpiled for reuse as backfill or daily cover
  • To the extent possible, MSW unaffected by LLRW will be segregated and returned to the landfill but it is anticipated that some amount of organic refuse will be directed to the LTWMF
Special Considerations
  • Cell 3 will be designated for containment of co-mingled LLRW/soil/MSW from the Highland Drive Landfill and will include a methane attenuation layer to mitigate potential odour associated with the MSW