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September 27, 2021

Public Notice: Contractor liens on properties

CNL has been notified that a dispute has arisen between a PHAI environmental remediation contractor, Perma-Fix, and one of its sub-contractors, which are both performing work on residential properties in Port Hope. The sub-contractor is claiming that they have not been paid by Perma-Fix for their PHAI construction work. CNL is aware that the sub-contractor has initiated a legal process to register a lien on certain properties in Port Hope where it has performed construction work.

CNL has identified all properties where a lien has been placed and is currently taking steps to have the liens removed. Affected property owners are being contacted directly by CNL and will receive confirmation once the liens have been removed.

The Construction Act (Ontario) permits a contractor to register a lien where materials or services have been provided and the contractor has not been paid for such materials or services and is part of the normal course of business in the construction industry. CNL remains committed to ensuring that all PHAI work on private properties is completed in accordance with signed Remediation & Restoration Agreements in place for each property. As such, CNL will remain proactive in addressing liens that may arise in connection with the completion of the PHAI work.

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