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February 05, 2021

Port Granby

This is a follow up to the January 27, 2020 event, which was the subject of a public disclosure, available further down this page.

As a result of its investigation into an unplanned release of surface water from the Port Granby Legacy Waste Management Facility on January 27, 2020, Environment and Climate Change Canada issued a warning to Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) on February 2, 2021.

The warning serves as a reminder to CNL of the importance of implementing corrective actions, all of which were put in place to the satisfaction of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, the project’s regulator, in 2020.

CNL has since completed the removal of historic low-level radioactive waste from the legacy site, which also greatly reduces the likelihood of a similar event. More than 1.3 million tonnes of historic low-level radioactive waste was excavated from the legacy site on the shoreline of Lake Ontario and relocated to the new Port Granby Long-Term Waste Management Facility, providing enhanced protection of the Great Lakes Basin ecosystem.