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June 21, 2024

Port Hope

Following a rain storm in Port Hope that occurred on June 10, a small PHAI workboat tethered in the Port Hope Harbour became submerged with wave action. During work to remove the submerged boat on June 17, approximately 250 millilitres (about 1 cup) of oil leaked from the motor.

Hydrophobic booms were deployed prior to start of the work to remove the boat. These successfully contained the spill and hydrophobic absorbent pads were used to clean the spill, recovering all the oil.

The pads and boom were disposed following appropriate handling procedures. The boat has been stored onsite with a spill pool in place to capture any additional leaks which may occur.

CNL notified the appropriate regulatory agencies, including the Ontario Spills Action Centre, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, and the Municipality of Port Hope.