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June 30, 2022

Returning to work after long weekend fun

The Canada Day long weekend is almost here and this will be the beginning of many summer weekends ahead.  With pandemic restrictions easing, I am looking forward to participating in Canada Day celebrations in and around Port Hope. The Port Hope Canada Day parade and the fireworks display at the beach are well known for the way they bring the community together.

As we prepare for these and other activities, I want to take the opportunity to remind everyone to be safe this holiday weekend. While we take necessary time away from work, let us not take time away from safety.

Long weekends are the perfect time to catch up with both friends and family, but remember to take some time for yourself this weekend too and relax. We will be better prepared for returning to work if we are rested and healthy.

Avoid distractions, stress, time pressures, complacency that can all lead to unsafe situations and behaviours when we return to work after a break. Remember we can minimize the potential for issues by remaining deliberate in our actions.  Take the extra time needed to get ready, be focused, plan your work, and always look out for each other.

Safety is a team effort and remains a top priority at CNL. We want everyone to go home safe and healthy each day. Take care and have a safe, happy and well-deserved break.

Stay focused and stay safe!

Mark Hughey

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