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April 11, 2022

Specialized work takes time

Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI) testing is necessary to confirm the presence of historic low-level radioactive waste on properties in Port Hope prior to a cleanup. Additional soil sampling may be required during a cleanup to confirm the extent of waste to be removed.

This process of discovery is central to the safe completion of work because new information can come to light at any time.

Discoveries such as structural or safety issues, substances that need special handling (e.g. asbestos), or additional impacts on structures and trees during construction may lengthen the timeline for work on your property.

Work on PHAI sites is significantly different from typical residential construction. PHAI work requires more layers of oversight, including radiation protection and environmental monitoring. CNL staff conduct ongoing contractor oversight at all PHAI sites, and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission conducts both routine and spot inspections of PHAI work frequently.

Interested in knowing more about the radiological testing and remediation process on your property? Information can be found on our website here:

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