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May 26, 2023

Tips for a safe summer

Now that summer is unofficially here, many of us are busy preparing for fun activities – usually outdoors and maybe on the water. As we plan, I wanted to remind us that safety at home is just as important as when we are at work where there may be safety requirements. With a new season comes new activities and routines that could lead to unsafe situations. Whether you are driving to a cottage, doing work around the house and garden, lighting campfires or even golfing be sure to apply the “safety first” principle to everything you do.

As you become more active this summer, take time to become aware of your surroundings, your environment and move at “deliberate speed”- thinking about what we are doing. Remember that there is a very real mental aspect to safety and distractions, stress, time pressures and complacency can all lead to unsafe situations and behaviours.

CNL safety team has developed some tips to prepare us for return to summer activities. Take the time to review these great tips on how to prepare yourself both physically and mentally – make time to get ready and always be aware of others and look out for each other.

  1. If taking long drives – maybe to the cottage, make sure to prepare for your journey. Always ensure your car is full of essential fluids and gas to prevent becoming stuck on a busy road or highway. Plan your route and alternate routes in case of emergency and SLOW DOWN. For your safety and the safety of others, always obey the posted speed limit, use your signal lights and be aware of changing weather.
  2. When cleaning up your yard by mowing your law, always wear long pants, closed toes shoes and eye protection. Check the area to be mowed and remove items like rocks, trash, and branches or pieces of wood. Wear gloves when raking to prevent blisters but do not wear gloves when using gardening power tools, they provide less grip and control when using the machine.
  3. With all activities including fire, make sure there is a bucket of water or hose nearby. Keep lighters, matches and other combustibles, like fireworks, safely away from children. Always ensure adult supervision around campfires and fully extinguish flames and smother hot coals with dirt when finished with your fire.
  4. Summer thunderstorms can also arrive quickly and unexpectedly so be aware of the weather and consider using a severe weather tracker on your mobile device.
  5. And finally, when golfing make sure to properly stretch before starting your game. Although golf is not a high contact sport, it still requires physical activity and skill.  Stay hydrated by drinking water when you are out on the golf course. Sweating in the summer heat, people dehydrate faster than normal.

Take care and have a safe summer!

Mark Hughey

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