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April 07, 2022

Don’t hesitate while you wait

While property owners are waiting for CNL to do testing or cleanup on your property, we still want you to enjoy your space.

Go ahead and complete your own projects – do renovations, plant a garden and complete landscaping.  CNL will work with you to ensure that contaminated material is removed from your project area as needed at no additional cost to you.  Reach out to our office by calling 905.855.0291 to learn more about utilizing the Construction Monitoring Program.  Anyone undertaking a construction project, no matter large or small can use and benefit from CMP.

If you are interested in knowing what the results are from any testing performed to date, a Radiological Status Letter (RSL) can provide you a summary of our information. This can be for your personal files or provided to your realtor to share with potential purchasers if you are looking to sell your property.  Request a RSL here. Remember to allow up to six business days for the letter to be completed and ensure all sections of the form have been completed including an email address for the letter to me emailed to.

Our office at 25 Henderson Street is now open to the public. Appointments are required for specific property questions but walk-ins are welcome for general questions about the PHAI.  You can speak to a Communications Officer who can tell you where your property is in the PHAI process.

Three signs your property is next in line for a cleanup:

  1. CNL has reviewed the cleanup design for your property with you.
  2. You have signed a Remediation & Restoration Agreement.
  3. You have been invited to attend a PHAI Neighbourhood Information Session.

See Your Property Cleanup for more information on the steps involved.

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