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August 24, 2023

Foam, Sweet Foam

As the great American naturalist Diane Ackerman once said, “Smell is the mute sense, the one without words”, and CNL is working to keep it silent on the Highland Drive Landfill site.

Cleanup is well underway at the Highland Drive Landfill site as part of Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI) activities. The work involves excavating low-level radioactive waste (LLRW) and transporting it to long-term storage.  The challenge is that this waste has been placed in the landfill and often co-mingled with the municipal solid waste that has been at the site for over 40 years.

Working with municipal solid waste, which contains refuse from private homes such as food products, used personal or household items may create an unpleasant smell. CNL is committed to monitoring and controlling odour as part of the work process. To this end, our contractor is using a state-of-the-art foam technology that preserves the environment while also protecting our sense of smell.

The biodegradable aqueous foam technology developed by Rusmar Inc. is used for both odour and dust control on cleanup sites. It has been specifically developed to assist in the safe clean up of complicated projects while reducing impacts to the environment. The foam is made almost entirely of foaming agents used in shampoo and other body care products.

Using preventative measures like this to control both odor and dust will minimize any impacts to the surrounding neighbours and overall Port Hope community.

PHAI work is expected to continue at the Highland Drive Landfill site into 2024. Additional information about the work at Highland Drive Landfill can be found on our website.

Highland Drive Landfill – PHAI

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