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December 02, 2021

Port Granby

On November 27, CNL staff at the Port Granby Waste Water Treatment Plant observed water pooling on the floor of the plant and on the pavement directly adjacent to the plant. Investigation determined the water came from the treatment facility piping located beneath the plant. The water was treated as a spill, and was contained, cleaned up and returned to continue through the treatment process. The total volume of leaked water is estimated to be three cubic metres.

A sample was taken from the pooled water both inside and outside the facility. Analysis indicated the presence of uranium that, when the water is treated and discharged from the plant, will be at or below the facility’s clean water discharge criteria.

Plant operations have switched to alternative piping, allowing the continued treatment and discharge of clean water. CNL’s investigation is ongoing and will identify measures to prevent a recurrence.

CNL has notified the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission and the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks Spills Action Centre. There was no risk to the public or workers as a result of this event.