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May 10, 2019

A nest with a view

It started like any other day on the Port Hope Project but turned into something different. The supervisor at the Storage Cell cleanup site located near the Sewage Water Treatment Plant found a bird’s nest during his regular site check. The nest was tucked away on a large tank that was being used to hold water at the remediation site.

Though not a species-at-risk, the robin and her eggs were given the space and time to hatch. Fencing was quickly erected around the area and workers avoided the nest during work. Despite the fact that it is a busy work site with trucks carrying industrial waste from an open excavation to the Port Hope Long-Term Waste Management Facility, the workers all showed respect to the tiny bird and her offspring.

“We truly care about the environment at all levels – big or small,” said Marney Massey, CNL’s Compliance Officer working on the project.

Environmental monitoring is a key part of the PHAI and provides assurance that human health as well as wildlife and the environment is being protected. See here for more information on our environmental protection plan.

The robin was no doubt unaware of the prestigious spot she had selected for her eggs. One thing is sure though, her decision brought daily smiles to the faces of the curious onlookers.

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