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July 28, 2017

Port Hope

Further to CNL’s June 25 disclosure of an overflow of untreated surface water from legacy collection ponds at the Port Hope Project Long-Term Waste Management Facility, analysis of water samples collected on discovery of and following the event are provided below. The water samples were collected in accordance with industry best practices and sent to an accredited third-party laboratory for analysis.

The results were compared to the provincial and federal criteria for the protection of aquatic life and confirm that the effect on Brand Creek downstream of the facility was negligible. Brand Creek flows south from Clark’s Ditch for approximately three kilometres and ends at Lake Ontario.

Elevated levels of arsenic and uranium observed in Clark’s Ditch, which flows into Brand Creek, are similar to levels in the baseline studies conducted as part of the 2005 Port Hope Project Environmental Assessment. The water quality of Clark’s Ditch will be improved as the Port Hope Project progresses.

CNL takes its obligation to protect the environment very seriously and continues to monitor closely water quality and levels at the Port Hope Project Long-Term Waste Management Facility.