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March 23, 2023

Survey shows confidence in CNL remains high

The majority of residents – 71 per cent – living in close proximity to the Port Granby Project (PGP) site are confident that Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) can safely manage historic low-level radioactive waste at the long-term waste management facility.

A recent public attitude survey undertaken by CNL revealed this and other findings when Clarington residents were asked about their awareness and concerns about the PGP. The survey has been conducted in the area since 2011 to gain insight into the views of the community and how effectively CNL is communicating with residents about project activities and progress. With the PGP now complete, this final survey provides key insights into attitudes toward the project and communications over time.

The survey also revealed that 73 per cent of respondents overall are satisfied with efforts to provide information about the PGP. “These surveys have provided us with valuable information on the attitudes and concerns of the residents living close to the waste management facility and in the broader Clarington area”, said Bill Daly, Director, Public & Licensing Communications, “Though the project itself is now complete, CNL will continue to share information and updates with the Port Granby community. The information we gain through this survey will help inform our methods and approach.”

Other survey findings include:

  • Knowledge of the Port Granby Project has remained at 80 per cent since 2018, indicating they are ‘very knowledgeable’ or ‘somewhat knowledgeable’ with 86 per cent of those living in close proximity to the facility reporting they are ‘very knowledgeable’.
  • Respondents indicated overall that the ‘cleanup and containment of the radioactive waste’ and ‘a cleaner environment’ are the most important benefits of the project, as noted in past years.

The independent survey, conducted in November 2022 by CCI Research Inc., was mailed to approximately 560 property owners in the Port Granby area.  In response, 164 residents shared their opinions and attitudes about the Port Granby Project.

Read the executive summary or contact us to request the full report – [email protected]

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